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Cosmetic Dentistry

At Floss & Gloss Dental we are dedicated to cosmetic dental brilliance. Only the most advanced materials and techniques are used to create a smile that is perfect for you. Whether it be tooth whitening, tooth coloured restorations, veneers, full porcelain crown & bridgework, you can rest assure you will experience exceptional results from a skilled dentist that is highly committed to excellence in treatment.

Tooth Whitening

Years of tea, coffee, wine, cigarettes and even medication can dramatically discolour your teeth.
Using the most trusted tooth whitening systems, we can transform your smile to the whitest, brightest and healthiest it can possibly be. Whether you chose a 60 minute “in-office” procedure, or a take-home whitening kit, your teeth we be dramatically whiter and your smile more beautiful and radiant, giving you a new sense of confidence, often without the need for more extensive and expensive cosmetic procedure.

Porcelain Veneers

If you feel unhappy about the colour, size or shape of your teeth because they are either stained, heavily filled, misaligned or irregularly shaped then consider porcelain veneers.
Veneers are thin, perfectly shaped porcelain shells designed to fit discreetly over teeth making them indistinguishable from natural teeth.
Only the highest quality porcelains are used for our veneers which are constructed locally by only the best cosmetic dental ceramists in Brisbane.
Typically, within just two visits, veneers can be bonded over your teeth, thereby dramatically enhancing your smile.
At Floss & Gloss Dental we believe “Smile is the Spice of Life”.

Crown & Bridge

Crown & Bridge are tooth-like ceramic or gold coverings made to protect and secure worn, damaged teeth and/or to replace missing teeth.
A crown is a restoration that encases a tooth to restore form and function, especially when the integrity of the tooth has been mechanically compromised by a large cavity or root canal therapy. Crowns are also constructed for cosmetic reasons to enhance the colour, shape, size and position of teeth.
A bridge is a custom-made prosthesis used to replace one or more missing teeth. It is a series of crowns fused together and involves the attachment of the prosthesis onto the adjacent natural teeth, providing a discreet option to tooth loss.
Only the strongest and most aesthetic materials are used at Floss & Gloss Dental to ensure your crown & bridge look natural and last for many years to come.