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General Dentistry

Your comfort and concerns are important to us. At Floss & Gloss Dental you should feel completely relaxed while in our care knowing that your best interest is always our priority.
At your very first appointment with us, we will discuss your medical history and any dental concerns you may have. Following this, we will carefully examine your dental health. The examination may include digital radiographs (X-Rays), photographs and plaster models of your teeth. In consultation with you, we will ensure you receive the dental care best suited to your overall health needs.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

At Floss & Gloss Dental we are dedicated to cosmetic dental brilliance. Only the most advanced materials and techniques are used to create a smile that is perfect for you. Whether it be tooth whitening, tooth coloured restorations, veneers, full porcelain crown & bridgework, you can rest assure you will experience exceptional results from a skilled dentist that is highly committed to excellence in treatment.

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Children’s Dentistry

Here at Floss & Gloss Dental, we believe in teeth for life. That is why we encourage parents to start their children early on a regular dental care. Our staff will not only ensure that each visit is fun and enjoyable but also a learning process so that your child is equipped to care for their teeth properly.

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Emergency Dental

You never expect a dental emergency but should one arise, we will endeavour to see you as soon as possible.
Here at Floss & Gloss Dental, our dentists are highly skilled at handling all types of dental emergencies including toothaches, broken teeth, impacted or infected wisdom teeth, and dental trauma.

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