I hate dentists?

Have you ever said this to the dentist on your first visit?

You are not alone.

I understand that coming to a new dentist can be a traumatic event.

Maybe you get flashbacks to when you were a child and the dentist held you down, worked without anaesthetic and then had the nerve to tell you off when you complained. Maybe it even happened recently! With experiences like this, it’s no wonder you may avoid coming to the dentist until the pain of a toothache overrides the fear of seeing the dentist.

They say that time heals all ills. Unfortunately, this doesn’t apply with most dental conditions. In fact they are most likely are getting worse and by the time something starts aching, it’s usually too late for a “simple” fix. The treatment has suddenly become a lot more extensive and usually more expensive to fix. Just the opposite of what you were trying to avoid, a potentially unpleasant and long dental procedure!

Now,imagine a dental visit totally different from your childhood or recent dental experience.

  • The staff and dentist were friendly and caring
  • The dreaded metal “needle” has now been replaced by an anaesthetic system that delivers an almost painless injection
  • A team that tests that your tooth is numb before starting treatment
  • All treatment is performed quickly and efficiently so you spend as little time with your mouth open; and most importantly
  • All of your options and costs are clearly explained in plain, easy to understand English.

    Not dental talk. This gives you a role to play in your choice of treatment and nothing will be forced upon you.

Sound good?

This is the type of service and treatments you should expect from your dentist.

These are the standards we aim to provide for our patients.

So if you are avoiding visiting the dentist because of fear, give us a call and give us a try. You can even tell me “you hate the dentist”. I don’t take this personally. In fact, I look upon it as a challenge to convert you from a “dentist hater” to a “dentist lover” or at least “tolerant”.

Hope to see you soon!